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About Camille Nguyen

Camille NGUYEN, is a passionate and dynamic English teacher based in France. Born and raised in Paris, Camille developed a love for languages ​​from an early age. After graduating in applied foreign languages ​​at university, she decided to pursue a career in teaching English.

Since my father is Chinese, I can also speak Chinese. My actual level is HSK 6. 🙂 So I can speak French, Vietnamese, English and Chinese.

Camille NGUYEN author of SlangSpeaker
Camille NGUYEN author of SlangSpeaker


What sets Camille apart from other English teachers is her passion for learning and teaching English through the use of slang and idioms. She is convinced that learning these linguistic aspects allows her students to better understand English culture and to express themselves in a more authentic and natural way.

About SlangSpeaker.com

Camille Nguyen, in her continuous efforts to help students improve their English, has created the website SlangSpeaker.com in Spring 2023. This innovative platform focuses on teaching English through slang expressions and idiomatic phrases, allowing learners to gain a deeper understanding of English-speaking cultures and to communicate more authentically and naturally.

Through the creation of SlangSpeaker.com, Camille Nguyen has expanded her reach, helping not only her local students in France but also English learners from around the globe, who are eager to master the art of English slang and idiomatic expressions.

The logo of SlangSpeaker

SlangSpeaker.com Official Logo
SlangSpeaker.com Official Logo

I draw this logo by myself.

It’s an apple on the book. It means learning English is fun, like eating an apple.

But you need to practice the English Slang, by reading some books.