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British Slang For Hungry (10 Examples)

Here are ten examples of British slang words for “hungry,” along with their explanations:

1. Peckish

This is a common British slang word for “hungry” that means you’re feeling a slight hunger or craving for food.

2. Hank Marvin

This is a rhyming slang term for “starving.” It comes from the name of the British pop singer Hank Marvin, who was a member of the group The Shadows.

3. Grafting

This slang term is used to describe someone who is working hard and is so busy that they forget to eat. It’s often used in a work context.

4. Famished

This is a more formal term for “hungry” that means you’re feeling extremely hungry or even starving.

5. Rumbling

This term refers to the noise your stomach makes when you’re hungry. If your stomach is rumbling, it means you’re feeling hungry.

6. Ravenous

This is another more formal term for “hungry” that means you’re feeling extremely hungry or voracious.

7. Starvin’

This is a shortened version of “starving” that’s often used informally. It’s a common British slang term for “hungry.”

8. Hangry

This slang term is a combination of “hungry” and “angry.” It describes the feeling of being irritable or short-tempered because you’re hungry.

9. Gut-foundered

This is a British slang term for “very hungry” that means you feel like your stomach is empty or hollow.

10. Chomping at the bit

This term comes from the world of horse racing, where a horse might chomp at the bit when it’s eager to start the race. It’s used to describe someone who is very hungry and can’t wait to eat.

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