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What Does Lolz Mean In Texting? (Explained With Examples)

“Lolz” is a slang term that is often used in texting or online communication as a variation of the more common term “lol,” which stands for “laughing out loud.” Like “lol,” “lolz” is typically used to indicate that something is funny or amusing.

However, “lolz” may have a slightly different connotation than “lol” in that it is often used in a more exaggerated or ironic way. Here are a few examples of how “lolz” might be used in texting or online communication:

  • A: Did you see that video I sent you?
  • B: Yeah, it was hilarious! Lolz.
  • A: I can’t believe he actually wore that to the party.
  • B: I know, right? Lolz.
  • A: Did you hear about the prank we pulled on our boss?
  • B: Oh man, that was so funny. Lolz.

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